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13 CRAZY Things Parents With Military Kids Say…

The things moms and dads in military families say may sometimes seem a little strange to anyone who isn’t a part of a military family. But, to us, they TOTALLY make sense. Have you said any of these things?

  1. No, we can’t paint your room this move but we might be able to do it with the next move if you pick one of the pre-approved colors from housing.
  2. I know you just moved in, but can I use you as an emergency contact at the kids’ school? Oh, and what’s your last name?
  3. Each time we move, I should just buy a rubber stamp with our address, phone number, and sponsor’s social security number on it for as many forms as I fill out for you guys!
  4. Only 132 days until mom gets home! Isn’t that awesome!?!
  5. We’ll be celebrating Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving today so dad gets to celebrate them with us.
  6. The tooth fairy wasn’t allowed through the gate without ID. I’ll make sure to put a pass in for her so she comes tomorrow night! Sorry, buddy.
  7. Don’t worry! I’m sure we can find some kids to come to your birthday party even though we just moved here – – I’ll ask around the neighborhood. It’s going to be so cool! I’m on it.
  8. We’ll try to FaceTime him in so he can see your graduation/concert/school play.
  9. No, we don’t have Chick-Fil-A here, that was back in Tennessee. And, no, we can’t go to NY Pizza because that was two duty stations ago. I know, I have a hard time remembering too. 
  10. New Mexico. We live in New Mexico. So when they ask for your address at school, don’t put North Carolina.
  11. I know the ceremonies are boring. I know you are sick of going to them. But please, I’m begging, just behave and sing the real version of the (insert branch song) and don’t embarrass your mother.
  12. We’re going to drive from New York to Washington, stay there a few days with friends, then we’re going to drive to California where we’ll ship our car, then hop a plane to Hawaii and stay in a hotel for a few weeks before our household goods arrive. And, yes, we’re bringing the dogs, the cat, and, ugh, yes we can move the FISH!
  13. No, you can’t wait until next year to do it. We’ll only be HERE one year!

Military moms and dads LOVE their kids!

They want them to have all of the “normal” kid experiences,
along with embracing their military kid life.

So, they’ll work hard to make stuff happen
(even if it sometimes seems a little, well, crazy).


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