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A Military Child On Moving Day

Today, they will pack up all of your stuff. Your prized Lego models that took so long to build, A favorite collection it took so long to gather. All wrapped up in brown paper. You look at your friends, You wonder if you will ever see them again. You worry they will make new friends.…

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5 Things to Remember Before School Ends

Personal recommendations: For a sports team, school services, or any program important to your child, a personal letter from a coach, teacher, or program leader with their contact information can go a long way for smoothing the road on the other end of a move. Teachers can be hard to contact over the summer and people may…

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3 Ways to Help Your MilKid Finish the School Year Strong

Don’t you love spring, that glorious time of year when the weather gets warmer, the days get longer and our kids are daydreaming about the end of school? But wait! It’s NOT the end of the year yet! Spring break is when many kids begin to phase into their end of the year “slide.” Teachers…

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The Question Every Parent Should Ask Before a PCS Move

PCS season is coming but have you asked your child THE question? Whether this is your first, fifth, or fifteenth move, there is one question every parent should ask before a permanent change of station (PCS) move. It’s one that shouldn’t be asked on-the-go, but one that you need to put some thought into before asking.…

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