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Why Bullying The New Kid Is Really Rotten

Being the new kid is never easy. It is a huge adjustment when moving to a new town. You have to go on a new bus… where you probably have no one to sit with. You have to go to a new school… where you probably don’t know anyone. You have to go to lunch……

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$5 (or Less!) Fun Stuff At a Military Base Near You

Summer has barely started, but are you and your military friends all ready to say “Mooooooom….I’m bored!”? Before you say that, check out these fun things that you can do at military bases and posts all over. Best of all, these activities aren’t very expensive. In fact, if you save your allowance money for a little…

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5 Fun Things to Mail Your PCSing Friend (for military kids)

It’s easier than ever for military kids to stay connected. Video chat, texting and email make instant communication so easy. But this summer, why not surprise your BFF who moved away with something in the mail! Yes, mail: the stuff that gets delivered to a home and needs a stamp. It takes a little extra…

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6 Super Summer Jobs For Your Military Teen

Sometimes military teens encounter the same problems as military spouses: a lack of job stability and an interrupted work season due to a PCS move. But unlike professions that require a new license with every move, these teen-friendly jobs combine portability and skill-building experiences no matter where you live.   Babysitting: Military parents know that…

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5 Cool Sidewalk Chalk Ideas (For Military Kids)

A box of chalk. A sidewalk or driveway. And a little creativity. It can keep you busy for a good amount of time. But what if you’ve run out of ideas? Don’t stop drawing. Your life as a military kid can be your inspiration for your drawing. And the outdoors can be your (very messy)…

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