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Mom. Dad. Your Kids Need To See You Fail

Here’s why… They need to see that mom and dad aren’t perfect. They are human just like them, and they struggle just like they do.  Failure is a part of life. We learn from failure. Inventors fail every single day. But their next try may create something even better and bigger than they planned in…

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Carpe Diem: A Life Lesson for Military Kids

The best lesson military kids can learn? Carpe diem. Carpe diem, for those who have not watched Dead Poets Society, commonly translates as “seize the day.” This is something many military kids know intuitively, or learn at a very early age, yet it can take many adults a lifetime to learn. How can military kids…

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Web sites. Phone numbers. And empty promises.

Help. Help. I need some help! My child is having trouble in school. He has a medical problem and I’m not sure who can help me. There are forms. And questions. And so much to learn. BUT… I’m worried if I fill-out the forms for EFMP status, we’ll never be able to take him off…

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Really? You’re Going to Ask Me That?

Yeah. I don’t know my address. I’ve lived in 9 homes in 10 years! (… questions that make military kids roll their eyes): Don’t you miss your mom/dad when she/he is gone? Do you have any record of this (scouting badge, tooth filling, school grade)? Didn’t you learn this last year? How do you get…

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