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On Being an Only Child in a Military Family

Each military kid’s story is unique. We asked Sophia, an Army kid, to talk about what it’s like being an only child in a military family. Maybe you can relate? What is your experience as an only child in a military family? _____ Being an only child in a military family can be boring but…

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8 Things Military Kids Can Do During the Blizzard of 2016

Say “This is snow? You don’t know snow!” to their friends who have never been stationed in upstate New York or in Alaska. Discuss snow fight tactical options and engage in an epic snow battle with their service member parent who got the day off from work. Use their boogie board from Hawaii as a…

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Capture Your Military Childhood Memories and Moments

Help Your Child Capture Their Military Childhood Memories and Moments with one of the THREE Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Cameras we will give away with the next issue of MILITARY KIDS’ LIFE. As a thank you to our existing and new subscribers, three kids will find a purple ticket in ISSUE 5 that will…

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3Ms of Being Present As a Parent In the Middle of Chaos

How can I concentrate on my kids when the world around me is spinning out of control? Maybe a call with the movers has left you stressed. An email from a spouse says orders have evaporated into nowhere. A deployment has left you without any energy. The kids are sick and you can’t get off from…

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What Happens If My Parents Divorce? Am I Still a Military Kid?

Pulled from the pages of Issue #2 of MILITARY KIDS’ LIFE magazine. **** What Happens if Your Parents Divorce? Are You Still a Military Kid? By Heather Sweeney Military parents are not really that different from any other parents. They also have to face difficult situations like divorce. Are you a military kid whose parents…

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Fact or Fiction? The Truth About Being a Military Kid

What’s the truth about being a military kid? Does everyone struggle with moving? Do all military kids’ grades suffer because of all of the change? We asked military-kid expert, Stacey Huisman, to find out the truth about what life really means for military kids. The answers aren’t as simple as headlines tell us. FACT OR FICTION?…

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