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Memorial Day: Keep Them Close in Your Heart

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.” -Thomas Campbell The fourth Monday in May is just one opportunity to honor the sacrifice, bravery, valor, heartache, laughter, and joy of our loved ones. What can you do to teach your children about Memorial Day? ** DO remember to display your American flag (and…

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Being the NEW KID is Awesome!

Not. Nope. Sorry. Being the NEW kid can really rot. Being the “new kid,” even when you are an adult, is very hard. Confusing might even be a more accurate description of the situation. And, when you are the new kid, over, and over, and over again, it can be very difficult to figure out…

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9 REASONS Military Dads Rock

Father’s Day is June 19 and if dad is deployed NOW is the time to get a gift off to him! What are 5 easy and inexpensive gifts for a dad in the military: Write him a note telling him why he ROCKS. (See the list below for a few ideas.) Draw him a picture of…

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