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26 Ways to Find Your Adventure At A New Duty Station This Summer (For Kids!)


  1. Visit a local museum to learn about the history of where you live.
  2. Go to the library and get a library card. Check out books. Repeat.
  3. Try the foods that make your new home special.
  4. Find out where the best hiking trails are and give them a try with your family.
  5. Look for summer festivals in your new hometown.
  6. Visit the nearest local airport and watch the planes fly in and out.
  7. Go to a farmer’s market.
  8. Even better, visit a local farm.
  9. Go to a small concert where they play music popular in your state.
  10. Make a lemonade stand and donate the money to a local charity.
  11. Help out at a charity in your new hometown.
  12. Take a tour of a historical home.
  13. Sign up for a 5K and run the streets or trails to get a different view.
  14. Try an activity that is new to you but popular in your town. (Tubing in a river, mountain biking, horseback riding, etc…)
  15. Spend a day “downtown.”
  16. Eat ice cream on a hot day on a park bench watching people walk by.
  17. Take a canoe or kayak out on the lake.
  18. Go to an outdoor movie.
  19. Root for your hometown (baseball, football, soccer, etc…) team.
  20. Look up at the night sky and see how it looks different from where you lived before. Does it?
  21. Sit on your front porch at night. With a flashlight. And popcorn.
  22. Sleep in a hamtmock outside.
  23. Enter a local contest. Baking. Painting. Writing. Running.
  24. Find “the best” playground in your town.
  25. Explore local trails by bike.
  26. Rest on a blanket in your yard. Close your eyes. And listen.

* Remember, you should always ask an adult before going off on an “adventure!”