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5 Cool Sidewalk Chalk Ideas (For Military Kids)

A box of chalk. A sidewalk or driveway. And a little creativity. It can keep you busy for a good amount of time. But what if you’ve run out of ideas? Don’t stop drawing. Your life as a military kid can be your inspiration for your drawing. And the outdoors can be your (very messy) canvas!

1. The classic: a military scene (a very popular drawing in our household). This scene will probably vary based on the branch of service of your parent. Can you guess ours?



2. One of the many houses you’ve lived in with the military. Do you have a few you could use as inspiration? Pick one and recreate it in a chalk drawing. Maybe it will bring back some happy memories that you may have forgotten.

3. Welcome HOME!!! What a fun way to welcome your mom or dad at the end of a deployment or even at the end of the day. You can write little happy messages all the way from the entrance to the neighborhood or just a big smiley face on your driveway.

4. Learn the phonetic alphabet. Alpha. Bravo. Charlie. All the way to Zulu around the neighborhood on the sidewalk!

5. There’s nothing like a patriotic picture. Flag. Fireworks. Even the outlines of the states that you’ve lived in… A little bit of America drawn by a military kid can bring a lot of big smiles.


TIP: Don’t leave your chalk outside. You’ll end up with a pile of mush!