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5 Fun FACTS to Share About Being a Military Kid (Family)

Looking for an easy way to bring some fun to your Month of the Military Child celebrations? Why not add a fun fact about military kid life to your morning school announcements? You’ll be educating both your civilian and military kid population with information that will allow them to take pride in their local military community and families.


Here are FIVE things that can be added to morning announcements during Month of the Military Child (April):


* Who is a military kid? He or she is the child of someone who is serving in the military. That can be someone in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard. Their parent can be active duty, National Guard or Reserve. There are close to 2 million military kids around the world! That is a HUGE number. In fact, there are MORE military kids than people IN the military in the United States. You outnumber your PARENTS! Being a military kid is something to be proud of and celebrated. April is the month that we celebrate military kids to remind them how much we appreciate the important part they play in supporting our nation.

* Did you know there are a bunch of now famous people who grew up as military kids? Mia Hamm, an Air Force kid, is one of them! She became an Olympic Gold medalist in soccer. Mia began playing soccer when her father was stationed in Italy. No one would have guessed that Mia, who had to a wear shoe to correct her foot as a child, would grow up to become a celebrated athlete in the Olympics! She credits a lot of her determination and ability on the field to being a military kid and having the chance to play on all sorts of soccer teams with different coaches when they moved.

* There are bunch of famous musicians and athletes who started out as military kids. Shaquille O’Neal’s step-father was enlisted in the Army. And Shaq became a world-famous basketball player! Tristan McIntosh, Army kid, was recently on American Idol! And Suzanne Collins, who wrote the Hunger Games, was an Air Force kid! There are a BUNCH of professional football players who started out as military kids, too many to even list! And, of course, a lot of military kids grow up to (guess what!) join the military themselves and have impressive careers serving their nation.

* How many times does the average military kid move? About 6 to 9 times! While that seems like A LOT, imagine all of the amazing experiences you get to have along the way. We are thrilled you have landed here where we get to meet you and hear all of your stories, and we get to tell you about the place where we have grown up. Sharing our stories with each other is important.

Want to know an interesting fact about your new home? (Insert fun fact) Here’s one about our school? (Insert fun fact). We can always learn from each other! So tell someone today something interesting about where you live, what you’ve seen, and the adventures you have gone on; if you lived here your whole life or have just moved here!

* Military kids live all over the world! What are some of the places military families can get stationed? Places like Alaska, Hawaii, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Guam, and Dubai! But some military kids never move! Their parent may be in the National Guard or their job may not require that they move. What state has the highest number of U.S. military in it? California! Followed by Texas, North Carolina, and Virginia. Military kids live in every single state in the United States!

BONUS (FYI): Have you ever heard a military kid called a BRAT? Yep. If you’re a military kid, someone may have used this term to describe you. But you’re not a BRAT? No, not the bad kind of brat.

Saying you’re a “military brat” doesn’t mean something bad. In fact, a LOT of people take great pride in the term BRAT. It is a term used to describe a military kid.

But where did it come from? The truth is: we just don’t know. There are a lot of theories about the origin and a lot of people have come up with good thoughts on what the B-R-A and T stand for but the one thing we do know is that being a military BRAT is a GOOD thing!



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