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5 Fun Things to Mail Your PCSing Friend (for military kids)

It’s easier than ever for military kids to stay connected. Video chat, texting and email make instant communication so easy. But this summer, why not surprise your BFF who moved away with something in the mail! Yes, mail: the stuff that gets delivered to a home and needs a stamp. It takes a little extra effort but it’s something that shows your friend that you are still thinking of her, even though she doesn’t live at your duty station any more.

So, what can you send?

  1. A Postcard: This couldn’t be easier. Send a postcard with a picture of the base where you live, a place you and your friend visited together, or a trip you took with your family. It sends a quick “I’m thinking of you” and it just might be the first piece of mail your friend gets at her new address.
  2. A Picture Frame: Grab an inexpensive frame at a craft store and bling it with paint, gems, and stickers. Ask your friend how she plans to decorate her new room and design a frame to match her style. Put a photo of you and your best pal in the frame and you have a gift to be treasured for a long time to come.
  3. A Sweet Treat: Do you and your milFriend have a favorite candy or snack? Send some! Your friend will think of you when she eats it, and if she shares it, will probably tell her new friends all about you, her cool friend from “back home.”
  4. A Letter: Yes, an honest-to-goodness letter! Share the details of your day, describe something fun you did, or make plans for when the two of you meet again. Where would you like to have a reunion in a year or two? Where do you hope your family will PCS next? Tell your friend.
  5. A Friendship Bracelet, Necklace, or Keychain: This gift can be something you buy or, even better, something you make. Get one for yourself, too (or maybe your friend will send you one that she makes)! Be sure to include a note about why you chose this gift. Snap a picture of you wearing it and send that to your friend, too.

As hard as it is to be the friend left behind, it can also be hard to be the friend who moves away. Little things like a card or treat in the mail are a reminder to your closest pal that you still want to be friends. And military friends can be the best friends around!