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5 Super Summer Crafts You Can Make Today

Rain, rain, go away? Not when you have these summer crafts to make! Grab a friend or two and make some summer fun you’ll remember, and use, for a long time to come.

Tie-dye T-shirts: Tie-dye tshirts are very easy to make, and look great no matter what design method you use. Lots of craft stores sell kits with powdered dyes, rubber bands, and plastic gloves. (Even better, you can often get a 40% off store coupon to use to buy a kit!) Split a pack of t-shirts with your friends, or give old, once-white t-shirts new life with tie-dying. This project definitely takes time and gets messy, but the results are so cool! Check out these awesome designs and easy, step-by-step instructions to get you started.

Friendship Bracelets: A camp favorite, friendship bracelets come in a variety of sizes and designs. Choose your colors and get weaving with this quick guide. This is a great craft to do when traveling, too! Cut your threads before you leave and just tape the threads to your leg to keep everything steady as you weave. You’ll have a finished project by the time you reach your destination.

Souvenir Picture Frame: Chances are your parents have an old picture frame or two that just didn’t survive a move, and isn’t “living room worthy” anymore. Paint pens, glittler, acrylic paint, magazine photos and Mod-Podge, as well as “found” objects like buttons, shells, or rhinestones, will turn a “blah” frame into something you’ll definitely want to hang on your wall. Try going with a theme, such as “Summer 2015,” and use pictures, words, and mementos like movie ticket stubs to craft a memory frame. This also makes a great gift for a friend who is about to PCS.

Shell Art: The ocean is the limit when it comes to using shells for art projects! Paint them. Use glue and sticks to create shell animals. Turn a cardboard box into a keepsake by covering it in shells. Design a mosaic. You can even hot glue your favorites to a metal clip to make a pretty barette. Need even more ideas? Check out these photos of 60 great crafts you can make with shells.

Batik Painting: Batik is a method of painting on fabric. You use wax (or even glue) to create “resist” areas where the paint won’t soak into the fabric. This creates very cool, outlined designs you will absolutely love. You can use a batik method on t-shirts, heavy canvas fabric, pillow cases, etc. Looking for a really big project? Try making batik curtains for your new room! Here’s a really easy batik tutorial you and a parent can try.