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Being a Military Kid is Cool – Here are 5 Things to Prove it!

Need help seeing Cool Side of Life as a Military Brat? Here are 5 things that may just make you feel a little better about life in a military family:

Read through the stories at Brats Without Borders and you’ll get some encouragement from military brats from previous generations. From living in Germany to growing up during the Vietnam War to figuring out a LOT of the same issues that you are facing, modern day military brats can rejoice and seek solace with military brats of all ages. If so many people still identify and want to reminisce about their childhood, there MUST be something good about growing up as a military kid, right? Need more nostalgia? Check out WanderingI for more stories about growing up military:



Did you know that Amy Adams, Shaquille O’Neal, Mia Hamm, and Suzanne Collins, were all military kids?!?! Actress Amy Adams, was born in Vicenza, Italy, into an Army family. Basketball superstar, Shaquille O’Neal, grew up with his stepfather, who was a sergeant in the Army. Mia Hamm, Air Force brat and two time Olympic gold medalist in soccer, was introduced to soccer when they were stationed in Italy. Author of “The Hunger Games,” Suzanne Collins’ father was Lt. Col. Michael John Collins, an Air Force officer who served in the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Their family moved around with the military but lived mostly in the eastern United States. And, hey, the star of the new “Macgyver” television show is, you guessed it, a military brat (and his dad is still serving)! Now that is pretty cool! Read more about him and his dad here!

Collins says that The Hunger Games were partially inspired by her father’s career in the Air Force.


Most of you probably never saw it but there once was a sitcom all about growing up in a military family! It was a little unrealistic (okay, a lot unrealistic) but it was pretty funny. Major Dad was a comedy on television in 1989 that starred Gerald McRaney as Major John D. MacGillis and Shanna Reed as his wife Polly. The drama included Polly’s three daughters from a previous relationship. The family even makes a move during season two. While there are lots of shows that feature the military or military life as a drama, we love Major Dad because it is a funny take on life as a military family.



While some of you might be embarrassed by all of the attention, there is an ENTIRE MONTH devoted to celebrating being a military kid! Seriously! April is Month of the Military Child, established by former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger in 1986, the month recognizes the approximately 2 million kids whose parents serve in the armed forces. Does your school or community have MOMC celebrations? If not, ask mom or dad to take you out for a special dinner or ice cream to celebrate your special MONTH! Now that’s cool! Learn more about MOMC at the National Military Family Association:



Then there is the cool job factor. What does your mom do? She’s an Air Force pilot. What does your dad do? He’s a medic in the Army. Why is your mom away? She’s out to sea with the Navy. Why is your dad not here? He’s helping with the floods down south. Yeah, there’s kind of something impressive about being to say your parent is serving in the military.

And if you need more proof that military kid life is cool, check out The Military Village Project at Christa Paustenbaugh Photography! Where the awesomeness of the modern military kid life is captured in Germany. Check out this photo of a military kid – pretty COOL!



While military life may sometimes get you down, don’t despair! There are lots of reasons military life is pretty awesome and amazing, so focus on the bright side and be military brat proud! Check out the latest issue of MILITARY KIDS’ LIFE where we share YOUR stories about your life as a military kid (the good, the bad, and the everyday!).



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