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5 Ways Military Kids Can Have a More Patriotic 4th of July

We know our military kids are some of the most patriotic people around! From enjoying a cookout with family to watching fireworks at the park, our kids know how to celebrate our nation’s independence, and many of them truly take the time to appreciate the gifts of their country. Here are a few extra tips to make this important holiday even more meaningful.

1. Fly the American Flag…and learn how to display it properly. There are right and wrong ways to display the American flag. Kids (and parents) can learn proper flag etiquette here.

2. Learn Patriotic Songs With Your Friends…and sing them for your neighbors! This is a twist on Christmas carol singing. Why not gather your friends and start a new neighborhood tradition? You won’t want to warm up with hot cocoa when you’re finished, but you might be able to cool off with a popsicle! Need the words and tunes? Click here for everything from “Anchors Aweigh” to “This Land Is Your Land.”

3. Organize a Neighborhood Bike Parade: Gather your friends and all your red, white, and blue! Tie tin cans to your bike seat; add streamers to your handlebars. You could even design a patriotic costume. The point is to celebrate and show your American pride. Be sure to invite the newest military kids in your neighborhood! They will be the ones to carry on the tradition when you move.

4. Visit a National Landmark: Our country is awesome, from sea to shining sea! Chances are you live within a short drive of a Revolutionary War, Civil War or other historic national landmark. From the Old South Church in Boston to the battlefield of Gettysburg. From the National Civil Rights Museum to the Old Route 66. Get out there and explore it! Stationed OCONUS? There’s still lots of American history to see, such as the WWI and WWII monuments throughout Europe. You can search for a National Historic Landmark near you.

5. Spend the Day With Your Families: One of the wonderful things about our military life is that we all seem to have more than one “family.” We have the family we are related to, and then we have our military family. Sometimes, we can’t be with our whole family at the same time, and often, parents are deployed for holidays. Celebrate your American life by spending the day with some of the people you care about the most.