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8 Things Military Kids Can Do During the Blizzard of 2016

  1. Say “This is snow? You don’t know snow!” to their friends who have never been stationed in upstate New York or in Alaska.
  2. Discuss snow fight tactical options and engage in an epic snow battle with their service member parent who got the day off from work.
  3. Use their boogie board from Hawaii as a sled.
  4. Decorate their snowman with outdated uniforms.
  5. Dig a path for the dog in the backyard (hey, poor thing has never seen snow before!).
  6. Gather a bunch of friends and offer to help shovel the driveway of a neighbor whose spouse is deployed.
  7. Renact famous battles… in the snow. (Light saber fight, anyone?)
  8. Take a bunch of ChemLights and make a cool glowing light display in the yard. (SOS if things are really bad)

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