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9 REASONS Military Dads Rock

Father’s Day is June 19 and if dad is deployed NOW is the time to get a gift off to him!

What are 5 easy and inexpensive gifts for a dad in the military:

  • Write him a note telling him why he ROCKS. (See the list below for a few ideas.)
  • Draw him a picture of the two of you together (or have mom find a photograph) then make a frame for it out of popsicle sticks. Decorate the frame with things that remind you of your dad!
  • Make a paracord keychain. It’s not too hard and it’s pretty inexpensive. And there are tons of designs (and colors) to choose.
  • Give him breakfast in bed. Why should mom have all of the fun? Make a menu of his favorite breakfast items and go with mom to buy the ingredients. Then serve it up on Father’s Day morning!
  • MOVIE NIGHT! Star Wars fan? Or maybe he loves the really old classic movies. Find out what movies you can enjoy together and set-up the perfect Father’s Day movie marathon night full of popcorn, treats, and comfy seats.


9 Ways Military Dads Rock

1. They know knots. A handy skill for tying up hammocks and stuff.

2. Military dads are good teachers. In fact, their job often involves teaching others around them.

3. Camping. Sailing. Flying. Yeah. They have skills.

4. Military dads are masters at the last minute Halloween costume.

5. They have good nicknames. In fact, they like nicknames so much they’ve probably given you one.

6. If something needs to be carried (including you as a baby), they could rig up a contraption to carry it. If something needs to be fixed, they know how to do it or at least pretend they know how.

7. They knew the benefits of duct tape long before duct tape was cool.

8. When someone asks what your dad does for a living, you can say, “He’s in the military.” Trust us. That’s cool.

9. When you’re older, you’ll realize how cool #8 really is…



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