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A Military Child On Moving Day

Today, they will pack up all of your stuff.
Your prized Lego models that took so long to build,
A favorite collection it took so long to gather.
All wrapped up in brown paper.

You look at your friends,
You wonder if you will ever see them again.
You worry they will make new friends.
You think they will forget about you.

Tomorrow a big truck will pull up on our road.
They will load all of your stuff into it.
Then you will watch it pull away.
You worry and wait for what’s next.

Today, tomorrow, and the days after will be hard.
There will be lots of change.
There will be lots of worry.
There will be lots of things we cannot predict.

But I will be there with you.
I will hold your hand.
We will do this together.
And, on the other end, we will make the best of this life.

You are a military kid.
I am a military mom or dad.
We are a military family.
And we will make the most of this next adventure. Together.

© Chameleon Kids 2015

Moving is hard. There is a lot that needs to be done, and in the middle of all of the craziness, kids can become entangled in our worry and frustrations. By making space for their emotions during a move, you will not only help them with their journey as a military child, but help yourself with your own journey. Take time to slow down. Ask how they are doing. Breath together. Your stress will lower and so will theirs. Being there for them will mean a chance for you to regroup. Forgive yourself for the mistakes. Forgive them for their interruptions. You are both doing your best in a stressful time.

The journey ahead may be a hard one but remember the beauty along the way. A smile. A laugh. A meal together. And soon you will be there, stronger and ready to begin a new adventure.