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Military Kids and College: Chameleon Kids’ August Military Parent Pop Up Event

Military kids and college. There are so many questions! How can you get the real answers you need to make smart decisions as a military family? Join us for the August Chameleon Kids’ Military Parent Pop-Up Event, where you’ll have access to FIVE experts on the topic of miltary kids and college.

The best part? You don’t need to leave your living room to connect with these awesome experts to get great information for you and your kids! Chameleon Kids, publishers of MILITARY KIDS’ LIFE magazine, is committed to encouraging the bright side of life for military kids!



Join us on Facebook on August 15th at 8:45 PM EST to learn how the night will work. The experts will be introducted at 9:00PM EST. You will have a chance to join any thread for a live Q&A. AND we have over $550 in prizes!!!

Here are our experts:

Joseph Montanaro, USAA, on saving for college as a military family

Mark Ellis, Defense Health Agency, on heath care coverage for military kids as they transition to college

Judy Davis, DASIUM, on suicide awareness for military parents as they send their kids off to college

Chris St. Jean, Virginia Tech, on applying to college as a military kid

Kelly Henry, military parent, on conducting a college search while living overseas as a military family

Here are the prizes:

10 Brat Stamps donated by Maddie Shick, Brat Stamps

A Signature Patton purse donated by R. Riveter, R. Riveter

A customized sign valued at $200 donated by UniquePl8z, Unique Pl8z License Plate Art

A $50 gift certificate to Kallie Shoes donated by Kallie Shoes, Kallie Shoes

A $25 VISA gift card donated by NavyRackPacks, NavyRackPacks

A signed copy of “Sammy’s Next Move” by Helen Maffini and a $25 Amazon Gift Card donated by and

Five subscriptions to MILITARY KIDS’ LIFE magazine donated by Chameleon Kids, Military Kids’ Life

Please invite all military parents who would benefit from this informative and incredibly fun evening.

Thanks! And see you on August 15,

Amy & Janine, co-founders of Chameleon Kids

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