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You Won’t Believe What Happened When a Military Teen Moved to the Neighborhood

By Chameleon Kids | April 5, 2017

During Month of the Military Child, we celebrate the challenges and opportunities of our military-connected kids. Moving often tops most military kids’ list of challenges. While some military kids rarely move, many military kids move up to nine times during their school years. That’s a lot of change, considering that many Americans don’t even move that…

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5 Fun FACTS to Share About Being a Military Kid (Family)

By Chameleon Kids | March 28, 2017

Looking for an easy way to bring some fun to your Month of the Military Child celebrations? Why not add a fun fact about military kid life to your morning school announcements? You’ll be educating both your civilian and military kid population with information that will allow them to take pride in their local military…

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Little Things Mean A Lot: 12 ways to celebrate the military kids in your classroom every day

By Chameleon Kids | March 22, 2017

Yesterday I asked my daughter how she thought her school should celebrate the upcoming Month of the Military Child. Her immediate answers ranged from the silly (“We could have a teacher dance-off and skip homework for a month!”) to the wishful (“Do you think we could get extra recess every day?” or “I just want…

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5 Things That Prove Being a Military Kid is Cool-2

Being a Military Kid is Cool – Here are 5 Things to Prove it!

By Chameleon Kids | March 15, 2017

Need help seeing Cool Side of Life as a Military Brat? Here are 5 things that may just make you feel a little better about life in a military family: Read through the stories at Brats Without Borders and you’ll get some encouragement from military brats from previous generations. From living in Germany to growing up…

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Educator’s Guide for ISSUE 9 of MILITARY KIDS’ LIFE

By Chameleon Kids | March 7, 2017

We love that you are using our magazine in classrooms and while homeschooling with military kids! Here’s a little help! Educator’s Guide for Issue 9 (PDF). This issue focuses on the themes of FUN and FUTURE. Here’s a FREE PDF download of our EDUCATOR’S GUIDE for ISSUE 9 of MILITARY KIDS’ LIFE magazine Educator’s Guide ISSUE…

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On being a Military Brat: When the bright side is hard to see…

By Chameleon Kids | March 3, 2017

At Chameleon Kids, we encourage the “bright side” of life as a military kid. We believe there is always a positive lesson to be learned from life’s challenges. But what do you do in those moments when the life lesson seems far away or when the bright side is impossible to see?  Truth be told, many adult brats still…

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A New Year, A New Attitude: How to find the positive in the harder parts of life as a military family

By Chameleon Kids | January 17, 2017

Research shows that a positive view of things will allow you to see the possibilities in situations and thereby encourage you to explore more and seek out opportunities. A negative view of situations makes people shut out opportunities and makes their stress levels rise. Who wants that? Here are four areas of military life that…

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Educator’s Guide for ISSUE 8 of MILITARY KIDS’ LIFE

By Chameleon Kids | December 15, 2016

We love that you are using our magazine in classrooms and while homeschooling with military kids! Here’s a little help! Educator’s Guide for Issue 8 (PDF). This issue focuses on the themes of living OVERSEAS, going to the EXTREME and being an INTROVERT as a military kid! Here’s a FREE PDF download of our EDUCATOR’S GUIDE…

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Military Kids Report! From the USS Midway and the FIRST Program

By Chameleon Kids | November 30, 2016

Military kids around the WORLD are reporting for Chameleon Kids and MILITARY KIDS’ LIFE magazine on the exciting adventures they are finding as the explore the interesting places military life takes them! Our reporters took a peek inside the FIRST Program which recently held an event on the USS Midway in San Diego, California! What is…

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On November 9th: Show Support for Your Military Kids!

By Chameleon Kids | November 4, 2016

On Wednesday, November 9th, show support for your military kids by having a post-election plan. FOUR Post-Election Strategies for Military Parents ** 1 ** Your kids are listening to what you say and worrying about the outcome of the election. Regardless of who is elected on Tuesday, November 8, that person will now be their…

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