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Military Kids Report! Inside Sesame Street HQ

By Chameleon Kids | June 14, 2017

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? It’s a phrase most of us are familiar with from our childhoods. But no matter how old you are, the gang from Sesame Street is sure bring a smile to your face. That’s why we wanted to take a trip to one of the coolest places our…

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Toodles, poodles! It’s Time for a Pity Party.

By Chameleon Kids | June 9, 2017

See ya later alligator!  – –   After a while, crocodile! Good-byes always seem to be just around the corner in military life. But if they make you want to cry crocodile-size tears, why are they called GOOD-byes instead of BAD-byes? If mom ships out or dad deploys, “sad” may be the only adjective to describe your…

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New Mama on the Block? Here are 5 Ways to Make NEW Friends!

By Chameleon Kids | June 1, 2017

Making new friends is hard when you move so much! But don’t give up on finding that friend who will help you laugh through the good and bad times. While most of us worry about how fast our kids will make friends, it is just as important that you connect with women who share similar…

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Asking for HELP is Never easy – – Even for Superheroes

By Chameleon Kids | May 23, 2017

Ever have a hard time asking for help? You’re not alone. In a short Batman flick I watched with my kids, Superman attempts to persuade the stoic caped crusader to join his powerhouse team of heroes: the Justice League. At first, Batman resists recruitment, insisting he is completely self-sufficient; he can keep Gotham City safe…

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13 CRAZY Things Parents With Military Kids Say…

By Chameleon Kids | May 17, 2017

The things moms and dads in military families say may sometimes seem a little strange to anyone who isn’t a part of a military family. But, to us, they TOTALLY make sense. Have you said any of these things? No, we can’t paint your room this move but we might be able to do it with…

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Crush Life

By Chameleon Kids | May 14, 2017

Military kids around the WORLD are reporting for Chameleon Kids and MILITARY KIDS’ LIFE magazine on the exciting adventures and people they meet where military life takes them! Our military kid reporter had the chance to visit with the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team when they visited Sacramento, California! READ his report here: * *…

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You Won’t Believe What Happened When a Military Teen Moved to the Neighborhood

By Chameleon Kids | April 5, 2017

During Month of the Military Child, we celebrate the challenges and opportunities of our military-connected kids. Moving often tops most military kids’ list of challenges. While some military kids rarely move, many military kids move up to nine times during their school years. That’s a lot of change, considering that many Americans don’t even move that…

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5 Fun FACTS to Share About Being a Military Kid (Family)

By Chameleon Kids | March 28, 2017

Looking for an easy way to bring some fun to your Month of the Military Child celebrations? Why not add a fun fact about military kid life to your morning school announcements? You’ll be educating both your civilian and military kid population with information that will allow them to take pride in their local military…

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Little Things Mean A Lot: 12 ways to celebrate the military kids in your classroom every day

By Chameleon Kids | March 22, 2017

Yesterday I asked my daughter how she thought her school should celebrate the upcoming Month of the Military Child. Her immediate answers ranged from the silly (“We could have a teacher dance-off and skip homework for a month!”) to the wishful (“Do you think we could get extra recess every day?” or “I just want…

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Being a Military Kid is Cool – Here are 5 Things to Prove it!

By Chameleon Kids | March 15, 2017

Need help seeing Cool Side of Life as a Military Brat? Here are 5 things that may just make you feel a little better about life in a military family: Read through the stories at Brats Without Borders and you’ll get some encouragement from military brats from previous generations. From living in Germany to growing up…

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