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Being the NEW KID is Awesome!

Not. Nope. Sorry. Being the NEW kid can really rot. Being the “new kid,” even when you are an adult, is very hard. Confusing might even be a more accurate description of the situation. And, when you are the new kid, over, and over, and over again, it can be very difficult to figure out…

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How to Lessen Stress That Comes With Military Moves

Military children move approximately six to nine times from when they start kindergarten to when they finish high school. That means on average, military kids move three times more often than their civilian peers. While these statistics may make it seem that military kids should be well-accustomed to moving, each transition can bring new challenges.…

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Why Bullying The New Kid Is Really Rotten

Being the new kid is never easy. It is a huge adjustment when moving to a new town. You have to go on a new bus… where you probably have no one to sit with. You have to go to a new school… where you probably don’t know anyone. You have to go to lunch……

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Always the New Kid

I am always the new kid, The last picked for teams. The one who sits alone at lunch, Even when the cafeteria is bursting at the seams. I try out for sports only to be told to try again next year. They don’t realize another move makes the possibility of that unclear. There was that…

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A Military Child On Moving Day

Today, they will pack up all of your stuff. Your prized Lego models that took so long to build, A favorite collection it took so long to gather. All wrapped up in brown paper. You look at your friends, You wonder if you will ever see them again. You worry they will make new friends.…

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