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Holiday Break? No Snow? Make Some 3D Snowflakes

Has holiday break arrived without snow? Or maybe you have several feet of the white stuff outside but you need something to keep the kids occupied? No supplies? Guess again. Here’s a craft you can do that you already have all the stuff for…


Clear tape
6 pieces of square paper
Note: you can also use regular copy/printer paper, just fold it into a triangle and cut off the rectangle
Optional: glitter glue/ribbon/stickers

Step 1: Fold each paper into a triangle. Then, crease it in half to make a fold down the middle.

snowflake step 1

Step 2: Cut 6 slits into the triangle, with 3 on each side of the fold. Make each one a bit longer as you work your way bottom to top.

snowflake step 2

Step 3: Open the paper so it looks like a square. Pull up on the center slits and curl them inward until they touch. Secure with a small piece of tape. Repeat until all 4 pieces are curled and taped together. You have made one side, or “petal” of your snowflake!

snowflake step3

Step 4: Gather all 6 “petals” together at their bases. Staple all 6 together. (Watch your fingers, or ask a grownup for help with the stapler.)

snowflake step 4

Step 5: Don’t stop now, or else you will have a floppy snowflake! Using tape or staples, connect each side of your “petals” to its neighbor. Tip: attach about halfway up for more stability.

snowflake step 5

Step 6: Finishing touches! Attach string or a pretty ribbon to your snowflake so you can hang it in a window, or “glam” it up by coloring, applying glitter glue or adding accessories!

snowflake step 6b



Did you know…?

  • It is believed that, like the human fingerprint, no two snowflakes are exactly alike!
  • The biggest snowflake, said to be 15 inches wide and about 8 inches thick, is said to have been found in 1887 at Fort Keogh, Montana (a former Army post)!
  • Snow is not white! Believe it or not, it’s colorless!

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