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Do This, Not That: 7 things our military family wants to do better in 2016

These are reminders to ourselves. Simple things we need to remember to do this year.

Let’s face it. The deployments aren’t going to end. Budget cuts aren’t going away. There will be huge challenges this  year for our families, just like there was last year and the year before that… But there are things we want to get better at as a family so we don’t focus as much on the problems.

So, with this in mind, this year we want to remember to:

  1. Stop wishing we did more at that last duty station and start having adventures at the current one.
  2. Stop focusing on what’s ahead and start enjoying the day-to-day moments more.
  3. Stop cursing what the military messes up in our lives and start remembering the good things it has given us the chance to do.
  4. Stop wanting time to pass quickly and start learning a new way to enjoy the luxury of time even during a deployment.
  5. Stop thinking “this is temporary” and start living, decorating, building relationships, like it is not.
  6. Stop talking negative about what we don’t have and start talking more about what we do.
  7. Stop wishing for that forever home and start creating a home that we’ll remember forever.

What do you want to do better as a military family in 2016?

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