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New Mama on the Block? Here are 5 Ways to Make NEW Friends!

Making new friends is hard when you move so much! But don’t give up on finding that friend who will help you laugh through the good and bad times. While most of us worry about how fast our kids will make friends, it is just as important that you connect with women who share similar interests with you. As our friends at Peanut say, “Meet as mamas, connect as women.”

Here are five ways you can make new friends when you find yourself at a new duty station.

  1. Greet other newbies. Be the person to bring a new neighbor dinner or stop by to say “hi” after the movers leave. Don’t wait for people to come to you but be the person who comes to them (even if you are still new yourself.) Offer up some of the things you’ve already discovered in the area and ask what things they like to do. This could be the way you meet the friend that helps you launch a neighborhood book club or the person you ask out to lunch next week!
  2. Download the app! Seriously, there is one! It’s called Peanut and it’s the place that moms go to make friends. How does it work? First, download the app at, then make a profile that includes information that will help you connect with moms like you, near you. You’ll be able to chat and create groups, plus decide on where to meet up. Voila! You’ve made a new friend (or two or three…) This is a quick and easy way for busy moms to make friends!
  3. Be the start of something great! Love to run? Or maybe you like to cook. If you have a neighborhood Facebook page, do some digging to see if there are any groups that already exist for these interests and ask to join! If the group doesn’t exist, post to see if anyone would be interested in joining you on a morning run or knows of a local group that you can go to together. While you always risk no one commenting, the chance for making new friends astronomically increases when you work on connecting with moms with common interests.
  4. Cast a wide net. Don’t keep your search to just the blocks around your house. Look for friends in the places you frequent. From the corner coffee store to the benches where you watch your daughter during lessons to the commissary produce section — all of these places are ripe for finding friends that have something in common with you. Strike up a conversation about your kids and you’re likely to find something you can talk about. It may lead nowhere but it can also lead to finding your new bestie.
  5. Give out smiles. A smile goes a long way when it comes to meeting new moms! In the middle of a toddler’s meltdown, a shared smile can be the invitation to talk when you run into each other again. To a neighbor, a smile can be the sign that you are a friendly person who may want to come over to barbecue that weekend or could be a friendly mama she can hang out with at the playground.

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From a simple smile to easy apps that help you connect with women who have common interests, making friends should be on your “to-do” list when you land in a new town or duty station. Having someone who you can sit down with for a talk will be a sanity saver as you begin life at your new home.

And who doesn’t need a friend to list as an “emergency contact” on all of those forms? All kidding aside, make the kind of friend you can call up at 2 a.m. when your spouse is deployed and the baby is sick because, in military life, we ALL need that kind of friend.

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