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On November 9th: Show Support for Your Military Kids!

On Wednesday, November 9th, show support for your military kids by having a post-election plan.

FOUR Post-Election Strategies for Military Parents

** 1 **

Your kids are listening to what you say and worrying about the outcome of the election. Regardless of who is elected on Tuesday, November 8, that person will now be their parent’s boss. Once the decision has been made, don’t compound any worries by making off-the-cuff remarks about your safety, the possibility of deployments, or the country’s safety. Be reassuring and save “adult conversations” for the adults in your life.

** 2 **

If your children want to talk about who has been elected, discuss the positives the person brings to our country first. If your child has questions, answer them with what information you have now without predicting too much into the future. If you are struggling with finding anything positive to say about our choice of president, fall-back on the great things about our country and our military family.

** 3 **

Stop the name calling and labeling come November 9. Tensions have run high on both sides of this election, and it is hard to put the brakes on something even after a decision is made, but it is important to do so. If your candidate has won, be considerate of friends whose candidate has not won. They may be dealing with very strong feelings that they have to reconcile. If your candidate has lost, don’t drag your children into a vortex of despair. Teach your children by example by reacting with optimism and sensitivity to our fellow Americans.

** 4 **

Take this chance to build a future leader and change maker. I don’t know about you but I’ve felt a little embarrassed about how my generation has come to this point in politics. Now is the perfect time to be an agent of change versus throwing up our hands and feeling helpless to the process. Find ways your family can contribute to our country that makes a positive change. Help your kids see that it is not one person who defines our country but all of us, including our military family. Help them be a proud American no matter the outcome.

Our military kids need you to be a source of hope no matter what happens on Tuesday.


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