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Mom. Dad. Your Kids Need To See You Fail

Here’s why…

  • They need to see that mom and dad aren’t perfect. They are human just like them, and they struggle just like they do.  Failure is a part of life.
  • We learn from failure. Inventors fail every single day. But their next try may create something even better and bigger than they planned in the first place. All because of a failure.
  • They can’t be afraid of failure. If they are afraid to fail, they won’t feel confident facing anything new and unfamiliar. And, as a military kid, they will always be facing new and unfamiliar.
  • Failing gives us an opening to talk about our own fears. All too often, our kids are alone in fearing “what’s next.” Moms and dads need to take the time to let them know that they are not alone but that they are walking beside them in facing “what’s next.” There may be possible failures but there are also huge opportunities lay ahead.
  • While “failure is not an option” makes for a great movie or military motto, real families fail. Recognizing that failure is a part of life allows a child to share a failure instead of hiding it. No one wants to find a report card crumpled at the bottom of a backpack out of utter fear and shame. Instead, we need the chance to talk about it and make a better plan.
  • Kids need to let themselves be bad at something. Most people aren’t perfect when they step onto a baseball diamond or a recital stage for the first time. But many kids are paralyzed with the fear that they will “fail” and won’t attempt something that one day may bring them a lot of enjoyment in their life.
  • Failing in front of your kids teaches them how to persevere. They will watch you get back up and try again. And, when they fail, without even realizing it, they will emulate what they have seen you do…

In the military world, they call it being resilient. Part of being resilient, is learning how to face failure. How are you teaching your kids to deal with failure?