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Military Kids Report! From the Sesame Street/USO Experience

This summer, military kids around the nation reported for Chameleon Kids and MILITARY KIDS’ LIFE magazine on the exciting adventures they found as they explored the interesting places military life takes them!

This week, Anna, an Army kid, gives us a peek into the Sesame Street/USO Experience!

Can older kids enjoy the show? And how does the show help kids better understand the challenges of military life?

Anna writes about her time watching the show and the questions she gets to ask the people in charge! And, we’re not going to hide it, we LOVE Sesame Street here at Chameleon Kids. Who doesn’t? Our kids went through several deployments with the help of Elmo! So the Chameleon Kids team can’t wait to see the show too! Thanks for reporting for us, Anna.

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Sesame Street 1

You Are NOT Alone!
Share your moving adventure with Katie!

By Anna, military kid reporter, age 12

As a military kid, it can be hard to adjust to new schools, homes, and the most difficult adjustment of all, new friends. We have to deal with the stress of packing and moving, as well as the leaving and making friends. But the USO (United Service Organizations) has created a production that helps kids realize that moving isn’t so bad after all.

Have you heard of the the Sesame Street/USO Experience?

It’s a show that tours military installations across the world. Sesame Street characters help Katie, a    USO Sesame Street 4military child, work through the emotions of moving to a new duty station, and help her understand the changes that go with such a move.

Katie is having a difficult time with this big change, but her friends help her see the upside to moving through positive and uplifting songs. Katie learns you never really have to say good-bye to old friends, just “see ya later.” The show is a free, 30 minute, interactive singing and dancing show, that spreads a positive message to young military kids.

I went to the Fort Polk show!

The show included live dancing and a singing thank you card. The show is funny and cute, and can be enjoyed by Sesame Street fans of all ages. The upbeat, and catchy tunes are easy to pick up, and the message really speaks to all military kids – whether they have gone through one move or twenty! All of the fan favorites are there, like Elmo, Grover, Cookie Monster and Rosita.

Military kids of all ages experience a lot of the same feelings with every move, and this show lets us know that we aren’t alone.

What I learned! This show isn’t just for little kids!!!

Sesame Street 4Nicole McClendon, the Tour Manager, told me that the USO understands how hard it is to move and they know what military children go through when moving is tough. Although the target audience for the tour is children ages 2 to 6, there is a little bit of something for everyone.

In fact, one of the crew members is a military kid! The USO aims to bring the show to 52 installations this year, and have even started working on a new show. The new show focuses on Katie’s family’s transition to civilian life. Every installation picks the focus of the show based on the needs of their local military families.

And what does this 12-year-old think about the tour?

This show was a great production, and it really excited the little ones (I know because I  brought my three little brothers!!!), but I enjoyed the message too. It taught all of us that it is okay to be happy with moving, even though it is hard to leave friends. The timing was great because we just moved here this summer, plus I’ve made a lot of moves as an Army ki!

The only downside to the show? My 3-year-old brother, Phillip, left a little disappointed because Cookie Monster did not share his cookies! Ha! 

Visit the USO website for more information on upcoming tour locations. There are also lots of great free resources and tour schedules, DVDs, and The Big Moving Adventure app that helps kids become familiar with moving.

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MORE about the Sesame Street/USO Experience

The Sesame Street/USO Experience for Military Families made its debut in July 2008 and is the longest running entertainment tour in USO history. Since the tour’s inception, it has taken its message to more than 540,000 troops and military families and performed more than 1,000 shows on 149 military installations in 33 states and 11 countries. Additionally, the tour has logged more than 206,000 miles and distributed more than 2.6 million giveaways.

Want to know what other military kids thought about the show at Fort Polk? Find out here!

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Thank you to the USO and Sesame Street for providing this unique opportunity for our military kid reporter who got the awesome chance to provide this report to her fellow military kids and community.


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