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THE 5 BEST New Inventions For Military Kids, By Military Kids

Our military kids are pretty awesome entrepreneurs. But even WE didn’t know how awesome they were until we saw these products and services that have been invented and created by military kids around the world!

We say: KUDOS to you KIDS! Great job!

Here are the TOP 5 military kid created products and services that we curated from our vast network of sources:


The Magic PCS 8 Ball: Finally! Now YOU can have the power to predict your entire PCS experience!

“Will we get our first choice assignment?” –Not likely

“Will the movers break my stuff?” – Without a doubt


DIY Orders Generator: The hot new app for 2016 is here! Download it today and create the orders you need and want – without the wait! Say goodbye to the RFO! Get orders for that school you really liked two duty stations ago! Or send your whole family to the duty station where your best friend now resides! Who cares if it is an Air Force base and you’re an Army family! The DIY Orders Generator can make IT happen!


GTP – Goldfish Transfer Program: Bubbles the family goldfish can now PCS in 2 easy steps, eliminating that messy situation of traveling in a cooler in the back of the minivan.

STEP ONE: Release Bubbles into the toilet, and say “Deliver to (next duty station).”

STEP TWO: Pick up goldfish at your local Walmart when you arrive at your new duty station.

*Note: Don’t flush the rocks or fake plants from the tank. You’ll just have to wash them and have the movers pack it up.


Deployment Deflector: It smells like teen spirit (or is it mosquito repellant), but it works like a charm! Deployment on the horizon? Just spray those orders away! Available in TDY trial size, 6 month, or 9 month bottles.

*Order in the next hour and you’ll get the “Extended tour” bonus supply for free!


Dependent ID Card Masking Tape: Tired of losing your military ID? Frustrated to find yet another ID card has gone through the washing machine? Now you can have your dependent ID card printed on a roll of masking tape. Trust us, you’ll find a variety of uses.


ORDER these GREAT PRODUCTS and services TODAY! They cut, they dice, they do other stuff that will probably land you in the MTF ER. And they are TOTALLY not REAL! Yes, folks. YOU HEARD right! NOT real at all… Happy April Fools’ Day!


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