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The NEW Ultimate Military Kid MOVING Kit (Downloadable)

Moving season is here! In the middle of all of the planning, have you remembered to give your kids all of the important details they need about the move?

Yes, kids need to be “in the know” so they can feel comfortable with all of the changes that are happening.

Do you have something to give the kids when they start getting antsy when the movers come and the wifi is shut-off?

We’ve created The NEW Ultimate Military Kid MOVING Kit just for this situation.

Download this 11-page kit to keep your kids on track for the big day. Inside they will find a step-by-step guide for keeping them engaged and a part of the moving process.

  • Kids will interview their parent for the key details of the move. This will prompt you to make sure they have the IMPORTANT information to know what is ahead.
  • Then kids can capture key details about where they are leaving. It is important to remember each of our homes and the memories made there!
  • Then on to planning their DREAM bedroom.
  • We’ll give them some tricks and tips for the big day, they’ll gather information about their new home, plan for what they’ll eat en route, then have some fun with mazes and a word find, then learn how to make a time capsule to keep track of their many homes.
  • Keep your kids connected to the moving process. It will start conversations with you that will ease them through the transition.

$1.95 – available for IMMEDIATE download

Military Kid Moving KIT

This Military KID Moving Kit is appropriate for kids age 7 to 12.
Younger kids may enjoy it with parent or older sibling help.

Kids will to go back to the KIT during the moving process so keep it in a small binder or folder so they can add pages and pictures, if they want.
Keep it from getting PACKED because they will want to take it with them to update the kit.



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