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The Ultimate Guide to an Awesome Month of the Military Child Event

Let’s face it. We’ve all attended “those” events. The ones where they just don’t get it. A map gets put up and military kids have to put pins where they’ve lived – – but half of the kids can’t remember all of the places PCS moves have taken them and the clusters around certain bases and posts leave no room for more pins. What’s the fun in that?

Month of the Military Child events are meant to be AWESOME experiences for military kids that make them feel pumped up about being a part of a military family. They should not be events where they are reminded how hard moving is (they know that!) and how often mom or dad is gone (yeah, they know that too!).

We know all of you want to make your event great! And your heart is always in the right place. But maybe you’ve run out of ideas or just don’t know what NOT to do. You NEED some Month of the Military Child activities!

We’ve put together the ULTIMATE GUIDE to an Awesome Month of the Military Child Event that can be used by teachers, schools, libraries, community groups, military family groups, and others. It is a 9 page package that includes activities you can reproduce for the kids who attend. The guide will help you to plan an event for a small or large group of kids from all branches.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • 8 Things You’ll Want to do for your Month of the Military Child event
  • 8 Things NOT to do at your Month of the Military Child event
  • Prompts for discussions with military kids from all branches and components
  • Three reproducibles for the event (bookmarks, BINGO, card to color, poem)
  • Simple activities/ideas for Month of the Military Child Activities for the day of the event

DOWNLOAD your copy of our ULTIMATE GUIDE to an
Awesome Month of the Military Child Event.

What is Month of the Military Child? 

MOMC is celebrated in April. It is meant to show recognition for those children whose parents serve in the United States Armed Forces including those serving Active Duty and Reserves.

Why celebrate Month of the Military Child?

Recognizing military children in your community helps to build their sense of pride in the service of their parent. Military kids often feel like outsiders in communities where kids have known each other their whole lives. Or, as is the case with some National Guard kids, they may feel alone in shouldering the burden of a deployed parent. Month of the Military Child is an opportunity to say “you are welcome here” and “we are here for you” and “it’s awesome to be a military kid!” It is also a chance to let others know about military families and their sacrifices for our nation.


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